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Deepr is a mobile application designed to create a safe space for positive interaction, connection, and dating between gay men. Deepr goes below the surface to create an alternate mobile venue where gay men can connect.

Deepr uses personality to drive conversations. Gay men are interested in like minds to meet up with and create companions - whether it’s with lovers, partners, or friends. Deepr encourages users to share facets of their values through a series of questions which focus on positive elements of life.

Deepr offer a positive-minded questions encourage users to publicly recognize their own self-worth and the worth of others. Questions are grouped into three categories: Honesty, Freedom, and Humility. The answers to these questions are displayed on the main feed. The app is designed to encourage positive community interaction. It is a new opportunity to connect in a Deepr way - safe, thoughtful, cerebral, healthy.

Deepr is for English and Spanish language users. It also can intersperse auto-translated responses from other users through the main feed. Deepr is also a HIV-positive friendly app and encourages HIV-positive men and HIV-negative men to publicly share their status. This is meant to foster a culture of intimacy and trust. Deepr is free to download, free to signup, and easy to use!


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