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Alltings is a same day urban logistics and delivery platform that connects customers with local couriers. In other words, Alltings is a market place that connects couriers with users/jobs.

Alltings users can have anything delivered; the user just has to enter the locations for pick-­‐up and delivery, a brief description of the item and the delivery time. Users will also be able receive the courier’s information (e.g. mode of transport, profile picture, name of courier, ratings), and updates the user throughout the delivery process. (Users will be able to track couriers in real-­‐time-­‐updated on the time to delivery)

Consumers can use the Alltings application to order any item e.g. food, office supplies, clothing…etc. from any retailer that don’t normally deliver.

Apart from the user-­‐application, Alltings also requires a platform for couriers. The application notifies available couriers that are close to the pick-­‐up location and notifies users once the courier accepts the deliver.

Couriers are independent contractors. They are allowed to choose any mode of transport e.g. Pedestrian (public transport), Car, Scooter, Motorbike…etc.


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